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---6th Mass Extinction Event---
---Time Is Running Out!---

Hi there…

Are you looking to ‘GO GREEN’…

Climate Change and its Global Impact:
Here’s an awesome opportunity for you to play your part in the rapidly expanding ‘GREEN ECONOMY’.

> You’ll be helping restore our planet so that future generations can enjoy it.

> You’ll help promote vibrant healthy lifestyles

> You’ll be making green decisions.

> You’ll actually ‘OWN’ a piece of the new Green ECOnomy with the ability to earn a sizeable income.

> Asset creation (with transfer option)  

> The opportunity to ‘Do What’s Right’ and ‘GO GREEN’.

> Consider joining the GreenPals Cooperative…today!

Become an ’Owner Member’,
Supporter,’ or ‘Sponsor

Upcoming  Meetings - Zoom - Meetups - Events. Attend/Organize/Speak.

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GreenPals Services...

GreenPals MarketPlace® »

Online Auction Site: Buy/Sell/Trade/ Giveaway. Reuse/Recycle/Upcycle items ONLY. NO NEW 'STUFF!'

GreenPals GoGreen4Kids® »

"Future Generations Need A Healthy Planet!"

Programs to encourage families, Parents, Grandparents, & Kids to join in and have fun.
Membership is transferable to family & Kids!

GreenPals Directory® »

Online Business Directory. List your business, find a business. Must be implementing sustainable practices!  

GreenPals LIFE is GREAT!® »

Upgrade your LifeStyle!...
Activities, events, health, fitness, meetups+
Fill your diary with GREAT times!

Member Owned & Operated!
Here is a 'Once in a Lifetime Opportunity'
for you to to really make a difference...

Become an ’Owner Member’,
Supporter,’ or ‘Sponsor’!




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